How can you enclose all the work of an artist within a few words...
“With eyes closed, I sense with my hands all that is  flowing, floating, weightless, shapeless, uncertain in the air… and then command them to reveal themselves with a conjuration, to reveal their true identity of physical shape”

Xiedong’s works include four series:
Flowing Water series: Capturing the fleetinging moment of flowing water in nature
Inflated series: Wrap up the air, presenting the weightless, ethereal, floating state.
Wrinkle series: The chocolate tinfoil presenting beautiful, fleeting wrinkle in the sunshine
Melting Ice series: Catching the melting moment of ice.

Inside the portal there are also a beautiful collection of Dolls, the achievements of Plaster Models and some works that she calls Sundries.
We also advise you to take a look at the section of the various Exhibitions in which Dong has participated.

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